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  • Our Mission

    Ko ta matou kaupapa matua i Communio, ko te tuupaapaku me o rātou whanau

  • Bereavement
    Care Services

    A 24/7 service that helps whānau/family, hospital staff and external stakeholders at the end of life – facilitating the process for everyone involved. We partner with and provide this service for Te Whatu Ora at Middlemore Hospital.

  • Coronial

    Communio leads a consortium together with Te Whatu Ora, Pathology Associates Limited and Southern Community Laboratories, to deliver end-to-end coronial support services to the Ministry of Justice. This model lets us offer an effective service that encompasses collecting and holding the tūpāpaku/deceased person, providing viewing services, and conducting post mortems if needed. Above all, we aim to make the process less stressful for those going through it, and meeting the cultural needs of the tūpāpaku/deceased person and their loved ones.

  • SUDI

    Whānau/families can never be prepared for the loss of a baby, but together we can make sure that fewer whānau/families have to face this. The in-depth, nationwide SUDI service gathers information about baby sleep practices, antenatal and postnatal health and the home environment on behalf of the Coroner, to help understand the impact of factors such as co-sleeping.

  • Tissue

    During a post mortem, the pathologist may test some tissue samples that can help tell them how the person died. These samples might include minute pieces of organs like the liver or lungs, or fluids like blood. The tūpāpaku’s/deceased person’s loved ones ask the Coroner for the samples, and we facilitate their return. On behalf of Te Whatu Ora, when patients request, we return the tissues of living people who have a had a procedure to remove part or all of an organ, for example.

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About Us

Expert end-of-life care and advice

Communio provides practical end-of-life advice, guidance and support services. As dedicated independent experts in this area, our team of highly trained specialist staff and contractors has a reputation for both efficiency and empathy.

We’re here for everyone

We’re focused on supporting people and their whānau/family who are anticipating a bereavement in the near future, as well as bereaved family members and friends, who may be experiencing feelings of grief, shock, and confusion.

A guide to a challenging journey

As trained professionals, we understand the legal requirements and processes that go along with the end of a life in New Zealand. Our team is experienced in facilitating the process in a sensitive, culturally appropriate way that respects both the deceased and the grieving people they’ve left behind.

  • “At Communio we’re proud of what we do. So, we’ve improved our website to better explain the important work we do to look after whānau/families, which connects us with thousands of New Zealanders every year, often in upsetting and difficult circumstances. Please take a few minutes to have a look around our new website and send us your thoughts.”

    - David Aro,

  • “2 The respectful handling of tūpāpaku is fundamental to Māori culture but it’s a concept that hasn’t always fitted well with the approach of what you might call the modern death industry. I greatly admire David Aro and his team for the way they’ve bridged this cultural gap, and shared their learnings with others.”

    - Dame Naida Glavish,
    Māori Cultural Adviser to Communio

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