David Aro, Director

1 March 2019

David Aro is Communio’s strategist and founding director. He is the talker, the entrepreneur and the engagement guru of the company.

David is a specialist in the death sector and more broadly in the health and human services environment. He has more than 26 years’ experience in senior business management and consulting predominantly in the New Zealand and Australian government sectors.

David’s strength is his vision of how services can come together and provide better services for people. A born-and-bred Kiwi, and with a career that started in funeral directing, David thinks and operates from an ‘end-to-end’ perspective and with a focus on customers and stakeholders. David has a reputation with his clients as having exceptional problem-solving skills.

David has successfully led and implemented large-scale reforms in government policy areas and for commercial businesses. His success is based on a strong understanding of strategic design, data modelling, process analysis, risk management, organisational culture change requirements, commerce and the importance of in-built quality processes.

David has:

David is an experienced company director and has strong links with St John.

When he’s not in the office David can usually be found at his beloved Lake Taupo, riding his e-scooter or behind the counter of his son’s food truck.