Dr Jane Vuletic – Clinical Director

2 November 2020

Jane Vuletic was born on the North Shore of Auckland and graduated from the Auckland School of Medicine in 1980 and began post graduate training in Surgery before switching to Pathology. She gained fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia in 1988 and was appointed as a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Pathology at the Auckland School of Medicine, becoming the first female Forensic Pathologist in New Zealand.

In January 2005, following the Indian Ocean tsunami, Jane worked as part of the New Zealand Disaster Victim Management Team in Phuket, Thailand to assist in identification of victims of the tsunami.

From 2005 until 2012 Jane worked as a locum Forensic Pathologist in most jurisdictions in Australia, taking leave from her permanent appointment in Auckland, gaining knowledge of different Coronial practices throughout Australia and enjoying the challenges of working in new environments.

In 2012 Jane took a position as Senior Staff Specialist in the Newcastle Department of Forensic Medicine in New South Wales and commuted regularly from Auckland to Newcastle until 2018. During this time she gained knowledge of the New South Wales Coroners Act and developed expertise in post mortem CT scan interpretation and experience in the practice of less invasive post mortem examinations.

From October to December 2018 Jane worked for Communio as Clinical Director before returning to a locum position in Newcastle, New South Wales until October 2019.

As Clinical Director for Communio, Jane provides clinical leadership to the company and our network of 25 Pathologists.